This is Team Cinelli Chrome. We are not Team Sky, we are not Lampre , we are not Cannondale. We are a different and independent cycling team. Competitive and creative. We’re not just a team that wants to win. Our riders transcend urban landscapes and creative movements. They see the bicycle as a way of communication.

Alessandro Bruzza

BRUZZA“Tell me bike and I’ll say race. Et vice-versa”. Former mechanic at Saronni’s Lampre team, 2nd overall at the London Nocturne 2013. A bullet in time-trials, on track, in sprints.

Alfred Bobé, JR

The most famous messenger of the big apple, Caribbean blooded, Alfred is the only rider in the world to have won the Monster Track alleycat 4 times. No one better than Al knows how to move in the urban contemporary landscapes and can boasts such great connections with the biggest New York’s street influencers and artists.

PAOLO Bravini

BRAVINIA complete rider — Sprinter, fast, aggressive and sharp. A scrambler tuned like a Ferrari — Bravini started racing when eight years old. He’s done everything from road to track through the cyclo-cross, never abandoned this last and true favorite specialties, with many victories on the bulletin board.

Giorgio Vianini

The boss of the gang. The Democratic Director. From MTB , road, track passing through cyclo- cross. With fury. Guru of the Milanese Lambro Crits, fixed gear poet. Official photographer.

Giovanni Bocchi

BOCCHILondon, Warsaw, Palermo, Berlin, New York. Fixed-Gear. Bronze Medal at London Nocturne, 4th overall at Gijón Criterium. Hungry.

Kelli Samuelson

Kelli spends her days trying not to ruin the little wardrobe she has that isn’t Spandex while custom-painting Ritte Bikes, running the Ritte Women’s Team, racing fixed crits for Cinelli-Chrome or going out on some crazy bike trip that her husband tricked her into doing.

Neil Bezdek

Former pro-rider, philosopher, New Yorker. The most winning and reknown athlete of the Criterium series. The man to beat, champion of the Red Hook Criterium Series 2013 on a legendary Cinelli Laser. During his seasons as pro with Team Mountain Kakis Neil developed unique strategic and athletic skills, now engaged in the social scene with a charge for the NYC Department of Transportation, keeps cycling and training for Criteriums and Granfondos.

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