London Nocturne Crit


Image by Silvia Galliani

There was an early wake up call the day of the race. When my alarm clock rang at 5 am, I was already wide awake and ready get going to the airport. Destination: the London Nocture Crit.

The team and I landed in sunny London, and within an hour, we had arrived at our hotel – the race circuit was just around the corner. We made it just in time to unpack our bags, grab something to eat, and hit the road. We were already impatient to race.

Unfortunately, our wait lasted longer than we would have liked. In the race before our’s, a rider had crashed. Badly. Everything was postponed. We stood at the starting line for an hour waiting for someone to tell us we could start. Finally, at half past six pm, the London Nocturne Condor Criterium began.

Finally, we were riding. Giorgio made an impressive first lap setting a very high pace. I tried my first attack breaking into the group, while Alessandro and Giovanni put themselves in the lead, riding at a striking race. Thanks to them, I was able to reach the second position in the last lap. I was just one wheel behind last year’s criterium winner. The last two corners were insane.


Image by Wig Worland

We rode like maniacs. Then, I heard about five thousand people roar, giving me the strength I needed to sprint to the finish line. I crossed the finish line with my hands in the air, still unable to believe I had achieved this epic goal.


Image by Silvia Galliani

I’ll never forget the moment that came after. I hugged my teammates, my girlfriend, everyone who was there cheering to support us. On the podium we celebrated once more.

After, we relaxed and followed the men’s pro race with beers in hand.

We moved the after party to our hotel and celebrated until … late. Between good beers and a a good talks, we made a lot of new friends. It’s the best part of this crit world.

~ Paulo Bravini, Member of Team Cinelli Chrome and Winner of the London Nocturne Crit


Left image by Silvia Galliani. Right image by Silvia Galliani.


Images by Silvia Galliani.


Left image by Wig Worland. Right image by Silvia Galliani.


Fijate Cycling Festival. This one’s in the bag.

Photos Courtesy of Frederico Stanzani

Sun. Heat. Beer. Food. Friends. And, hairpins. That is Puerto Rico. And that is Fijate Cycling Festival. Team Cinelli Chrome was there for its second international race of the season. Alfred, Neil, and the Italians: Bruzza, Bravini, and Vianini made the trip and their mark on PR.

Fixed Crit, Alley Cat, and Cyclocross were there for the taking. And, of course the beach, parties, and exhibitions. The team took it all in, and was rewarded. Training rides ended with bikes hanging in trees and recovery margaritas. Listening to music and the laughter of the riders in the warm evening before the race. From the plane to the opening party to the course, it was great to see the world’s top riders toast a great event.

Race day was hot. Real hot. And not a dry hot. 80 percent humidity. Over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The course was aggressive. 72 hairpin turns tested the pack’s mastery. At the start, our old rooster George Vianini (49 years old!) drove the field that followed behind him. Tension mounted in the pack during the very first passages as they studied each other’s moves. A sudden, early attack from a tough local pistard immediately broke the pack and created an insane one-man escape. The pack was forced to collaborate to close the huge gap. Team Cinelli Chrome rider Alessandro Bruzza had a courageous ride and put in the majority of work to help close the gap.

Immediately after this gap was closed, an unexpected attack came from another Puerto Rican veteran rider and the newly formed pack was shattered again. Again Team Cinelli Chrome responded. Tightening thighs and putting in a massive effort, everybody pushed full throttle to reach the fugitive.

Unfortunately, Team Cinelli Chrome rider Neil Bezdek ran into two mechanical problems that forced him to retire and miss a chance to help close the gap. The rest of the field realized the 3rd place challenge would be the final showdown!  In the final lap, Alfred Bobé Jr. pushed the pace into the final hairpin as 3rd wheel and almost certain to podium.

And then it happened. Like it does in Fixed Gear Crits.

The rider in second position lost control of his bike while cornering insanely hard moto-gp style. Incredibly, Alfred avoided crashing into the rider, drifted all the way across the course and miraculously landed on his feet … still on the bike … and able to charge to get the 7th place overall just few second from the podium. Behind him was Paolo 8th and Bravini and Alessandro Bruzza 9th completed the team’s results. Crazy! But that’s fixed criterium.

Team Cinelli Chrome

The race was grueling, one-third of the starters failed to finish it. To recover from the hard work the team found themselves on the shore. Bibs off, Bermudas on, and surfing the waves of the caraibic ocean. All together the very best track-bike community in the world!

‘Pinchos’ stick of Marlin fish and ice-cold cervezas…  Is there a better way?

Congratulations to all! Thanks to our friends in Puerto Rico for hosting, for the good times, the bright sun, and the sincere love. Our tan lines have never looked so good. Our hearts will hold tight this beautiful ‘isla del incanto’ and our minds will never forget … “No te quites!” – don’t give up! Never!




Federico Stanzani 

Red Hook Crit 2014

An amazing first outing for the new Team Cinelli Chrome – two C’s one cause – 20 years in the making. A team was unveiled, drinks were drunk, showers were taken, new friends were made, and laughs were countless. But most importantly there was the first Red Hook Crit of the season.

Rain, wind and chaos couldn’t stop the entire team from qualifying for the finals. Neil Bezdek clocked the fastest time in the men’s qualifiers by 1 second! The men’s final started with a DNS for Giovanni Bocchi who flatted on the way to the start line. Shit happens, the race goes on. A crash in the first chicane, due in part to the slow lead out of the pace motorcycle who couldn’t see through his rain soaked lens, spread the field on the first lap. The race ran at a wicked fast 40 km/hr average speed. With three laps left a break by a Frenchman on a bamboo bike and Team Cinelli Chrome’s Alessandro Bruzza got away and held off the chase until the finish. Team Cinelli Chrome ended up with an incredible two podium spots, Alessandro 2nd and Neil 3rd. Congrats to Thibaud Lhenry and his bamboo bike. Stoked for him… and for bamboo.

In the inaugural Red Hook Crit Women’s Race, Kelli Samuelson battled the weather, two neutral laps, and a restart to finish 8th. Solid showing. Jo Celso from Wolfpack Hustle held off a spirited sprint by Liz So for the win. Congrats to Jo, Liz, Hannah Todd, Ash Duban and Jen Nordhem for making the podium and the most epic night of fixed crit racing yet.

Photos by Manual For Speed

Two C’s. One Cause. Chrome and Cinelli Announce Fixed Crit Racing Team

Track bike, fixed-gear, brakeless. No freewheel, no stops. Creative and competitive. This is Team Cinelli Chrome. Different from others living cyclism. No pro-director, masseurs or official mechanics. An independent, semi-organized posse, perfectly self-sufficient, total autonomy travelers. It takes shape to race six international Fixed Gear Criteriums, and blends into the urban fabric after the races. A handful of characters borrowed from the city: bike messengers, track champions, and former Pro Tour mechanics.

Fixed Gear Criteriums are not a fad. They’re a direct outcome of the progression of the fixed-gear movement. This phenomenon was arguably born in San Francisco among the bike messengers and is now well established all around the world as a way of commuting and communicating. A way of being: free, creative, independent.

Cinelli and Chrome have contributed to the dawn of this world. Before it was fashionable. Against any rational reason or strategic marketing idea. People thought we were fools. Today they chase. Joined by common values and mutual respect for making great products, Cinelli and Chrome are proud to support Team Cinelli Chrome.

Big News Coming March 28

Cinelli x Chrome

Stoked to be working with a company that has meant so much for so long. Making great stuff. Racing hard. More on this March 28th.

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